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The Amalfi Coast Collection: BellaTano Style

Amalfi Coast

Welcome to BellaTano Style & our Amalfi Coast Collection.  

Our inspiration comes from all things beautiful along the Mediterranean coastlines of Italy & France.  Especially the Amalfi Coast and the southern borders of France, near Spain.  Rita Tanos designs and creates luxurious home decor that inspires beauty, luxury, and comfort.  

Vibrant colors, along with rich textures and soft tones.  Think of a neutral palate in a gorgeous home that begs for a touch of color that brings that space to life.  That one piece that makes all the difference in a room.  This is what BellaTano Style is all about. Luxury. Beauty. And a statement piece of art that wows you and everyone that enters that room.

It may be a bedcover or a throw, a tabletop runner, or pillows on a sofa.  Perhaps a bed scarf or a cozy wrap.  Unexpected and beautiful accent pieces  in vibrant and soft colors, with luxurious textures, next to a monochromatic color scheme and room that gives it the Wow factor.    

This is BellaTano Style!  

We bring Life, Luxury, and Beauty to the most unexpected places in your home. 

Exquisite Italian silks, velvets and cottons with a touch of modern  elegance.

Made with love by BellaTano Style &

Rita Tanos

BellaTano Style Colors

Amalfi Coast

Colors of the Amalfi Coast... bright yellows, pale peach,  orange tangerine, brilliant green, and so many hues of blue and shades of  the Mediterranean.

These are the vibrant and rich colors of our silk designs and fabrics.  Every design and pattern emanates the richness and beauty of this environment.    

The blue Mediterranean, the aqua's and the orange peaches, the bright Amalfi Coast lemons, and the fireflies, alongside the emerald greens. 

They are exquisite!  These vibrant colors and luxurious silks breathe new life into any room. 


BellaTano Silks & Designs


We have an extraordinary range of silks and luxurious fabrics from Italy that reflect the luxury and beauty of the Mediterranean. 

Do inquire and send us a message if you're interested in custom designs and sizes.  We welcome your inquiry.   

Delivery is approximately 2-4 weeks upon confirmation of order.  Thank you for your interest. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

email:  BellaTanoStyle@gmail.com