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About Me

My background


I grew up on the white sandy beaches of Florida, studied and lived in New York, traveled throughout Europe, and somewhere along the way I landed in California.    

I fell in love with the warm climate, lush vegetation, and golden orange sunsets.  It was a gentler way of life than all the cities I had lived in or traveled to, and I longed for a beautiful coastal environment that felt like home. 

Beauty, design, and nature have always been important to me.  Fortunately 

I found the essence of beauty in my work;  luxury home furnishings and decor, design, haute couture fashion, writing and publishing. 

After working for brilliant designers like YSL,    I traveled West and found myself in the corporate world of W Magazine during the years of John Fairchild at its helm.  A decade later I created BellaTano Style, a unique line of luxury home decor and silks.

Our products are of the highest quality standards and each design reflects the glamour and modern elegance of stylish people and places that inspire me. The Amalfi Coast & Positano, Biarritz & the South of France... and the Americas have all greatly influenced my life & designs. 

How I got started


As a young girl I had the good fortune of visiting European relatives that were charming and quite sophisticated.  They had exquisite style and opened up a new world to me as I was introduced to Paris, the south of France, and Italy.  

Excited by design, haute couture  and the glamorous French and Italian culture, I came back to New York and started working with YSL.  It was glorious!  

After years in NYC, I choose the West Coast to call home and opened a luxury fashion boutique in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive & Dayton.  Italian couture on the ground floor and French couture with fine lingerie upstairs. 

As fate would have it, a few years later I was introduced to W Magazine to head up the Western U.S. and Canada.  A legendary time in my life, indeed. When the best of the best were there and W was at its prime.

A decade later, it was time to create my own brand and company of luxury home decor.  Inspired by French & Italian culture, of course.  

Voila!  BellaTano Style was born! 

“To a certain extent we are the captives of our homes.  They can be our prisons, but knowing how to make them beautiful frees us.”

- Coco Chanel 

My style


Effortless Elegance.

Luxurious designer textiles with modern elegance and surprising details that delight the senses. Warmth. Colors that add light and depth. Textures that bring pleasure to the human touch.  

Silks and Velvets, and sumptuous fabrics with exquisite details. 

Soft, elegant textures. Gentle hues. Bright colors.  Everything infused with a sense of adventurous sprit that opens the heart to love, just a little bit more.  Beauty always has that effect.  

Think of Positano and the Amalfi Coast. Lake Como. Paris. Biarritz. The South of France. Portugal. Spain.  All the seas that join us together in this beautiful mixture of international culture, art, and design.

These gorgeous people and places have inspired Rita Tanos to create a line of luxury home decor that celebrates their extraordinary culture.  It's in the little things. . . the simple pleasures that delight and surprise.  

BellaTano Style is all about effortless elegance and modern international style. It brings us together with the forces of nature in the spirit of beauty and oneness.

Beauty will always leave its trace and imprint on our memories.

La Dolce Vita!  


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